Adapting a GenFlux Mindset Within a Learning Department

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Much has been written about consumer technology rapidly disrupting the enterprise space resulting in the consumerprise One of the most notable examples is how the iPhone infiltrated the BlackBerry dominated enterprise space. What is not discussed, as much, is how support employees must flex to this change as well. Robert Safian calls it GenFlux and touches on it in his Fast Company article.

What defines GenFlux is a mindset that embraces instability, tolerates and even enjoys recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions. Not everyone will join Generation Flux, but to be successful, businesses and individuals will have to work at it. This is no simple task.

As this relates to supporting sales professionals, it is important for learning & development leaders to embrace the business shift and begin to challenge some current models and assumptions:

  1. The L&D department will distribute the most relevant learning content. With the proliferation of available information on the web the L&D department should focus some resources on curating public content. Why? Because this is what the customers read and your sales employees need to know it and be able to respond.

  2. Creating compelling interactive content is critical. Interactivity has a place but in today’s chaotic business environment speed to knowledge becomes significantly more important. Interactivity takes time and more often than not “just in time” information will not only suffice, but be readily appreciated.

  3. Following the ADDIE model is a must. Much like the software developer’s evolution to Agile development principles, learning departments need to adopt Agile learning principles (i.e. agile@IBM). Learning content has to move from “one and done” viewing to becoming a true information resource through continuous iterations.

One fun exercise might be to review the Principles behind the Agile Manifesto from the Agile Manifesto team. Replace software with learning content and see what the team comes up with.

Learning & Development leaders have an opportunity to take advantage of a major business shift and increase influence on the success of frontline employees. Though not a simple task, it is one that will reward the right leaders for taking on the challenge.