Calling All Innovative Learning & Development Leaders!

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Learning & Development Management, Instructional Design, and Independent L&D Consultants are all rapidly evolving professions. New developments in technology, authoring tools, business climates, and the increasing popularity of consumer tools (devices, applications, etc) in the workplace require an agile L&D leader who can facilitate learning in a rapidly evolving organization. This is easier said than done, but we think we can help the L&D professional deliver the right tools for the right job.

We believe learners shouldn’t be constrained by technology, devices, or processes to get the information they need to do their jobs. The L&D professional shouldn’t have to either.

Saltbox is a specialized communication and learning application that gives the workforce a competitive advantage and we are currently calling all like-minded L&D leaders to take advantage of Saltbox as an informal learning application to offer to their clients.

We are now offering customized and automated referral and affiliate programs for L&D professionals interested in offering our products as their own. The program is simple, and works like this:

  1. Custom Programs. Offer Saltbox as a referral to a customer who signs up one time or as a long term solution to develop blended learning programs for your clients. We give you a special link so we know who made the referral.
  2. Automated Setup. Your customers can sign up online with a working learning community in just 5 minutes (minus all the great content). We track your customers & sign ups, and can even provide you with reports on application adoption.
  3. Earn Revenue. Share a percentage of the revenues with us for all your referrals. We automatically track and pay you each month for your client’s Saltbox apps as long as they are active (anybody can cancel Saltbox anytime).
  4. Support. We provide all the application and technical support so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Make Saltbox your own informal learning offering for your clients. We could offer this to third party software sales teams but we feel that innovative L&D professionals are the right people to represent our brand.

If this sounds like something that may interest you, or to see if this is a good fit, please send us a note! To learn more about us and our products, visit