Mobile JavaScript Development at Saltbox

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Saltbox is a communication and learning application for Sales teams, and one of our goals is to make sure our application is available on a wide range of mobile devices teams use when out of the office.

We adopted two great web technologies to meet this goal: jQuery Mobile and Backbone.js.

The benefit of this mobile-web approach for our development team (and ultimately for customers):

  • Support for a wide range of mobile devices. See Mobile Graded Browser Support for the devices that are supported. jQuery Mobile helps iron out device differences so that the app works well across devices.

  • Ability to iterate and add features more quickly and maintain feature-parity with our web application by sharing code between web and mobile, particularly the data layer.

  • Nice support for writing automated tests, which is an important part of the coding process to make sure the application behaves as expected across many different mobile browsers, and to keep our code-base healthy and nimble. We’re using Jasmine and Sinon, along with Jenkins for Continuous Integration.

Speaking of JavaScript, we’ll be attending JSConf 2012 next week. If you’re there please look me up at @brianfive.