A Big Day for the Future of Learning

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April 26th marked the official launch of the new Experience API 1.0 (xAPI) learning technology standard and big step forward in the evolution of learning & development.

The buzz continues to grow about the formal, informal, social, and mobile learning opportunities the xAPI affords. We are excited about the advanced data analysis we can provide learning professionals in order to improve training, and ultimately employee performance.

One of the most important things about the xAPI is that it changes the learning conversation from formal training and tracking of traditional metrics (e.g. completions, test scores, number of classes) to answering questions like “which questions least correlate to success (and can be eliminated)?” or “which learning path is most effective for new hire training?”.

Insights derived from data like that is what gets learning professionals a seat at the executive table. Our customers continue to push towards new frontiers in analyzing and contributing to learning experiences in the workflow. We’re going to support them by rolling out 1.0 support for Wax LRS in the near future, while continuing to provide best-in-class analysis, scalability, and validation.

A big thank you to all those who have spent time crafting this new standard and a specific call out to the ADL for leading the initiative. Everyone should be proud of the work they have done and the impact this will have on changing an industry.

Got some interesting ways you would like to use the xAPI? We’d love to talk about it, please contact us.

John Delano, Ali Shahrazad, and Russell Duhon Saltbox, Makers of Wax LRS