Nine Awesome Reads About the Experience API, and One Cartoon

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At Saltbox we really enjoy reading about Experience API (blog posts, journal articles, tweets, use cases, etc). We especially love it when people grasp how the standard can potentially impact their corner of the learning world as practitioners, developers or observers. So we decided to compile a list of our favorites! We hope you enjoy this curated list from some amazing people, especially if you’re just getting your feet wet with the Experience API (just released in v1.0! fist pump):

  1. Steve Flowers - “Tech, People And Systems” - Read this if you want to see 4 kick ass hypothetical use cases from the U.S. Coast Guard. The catchy stuff: Human performance, career progression, LMS unshackling, proficiency.

  2. Aaron Silvers - “The Turn” - A unique perspective from one of the most influential figures behind the Experience API (AKA “The Beard”). The catchy stuff: Seat at the table, breadcrumbs, data ownership, magic. “We’re going to make it happen.”

  3. Alex Mackman - “Thoughts On Tin Can And The Future Of eLearning” - One of the most clear explanations about why the Experience API is a solution to “the problem.” The catchy stuff: I got nothing, just an all around solid article.

  4. Koreen Olbrish - “Data Is Meaningless Out Of Context” - Read this to learn about real-life potential Experience API design/planning/privacy challenges. The catchy stuff: Performance metrics, pushy sales people, trough of disillusionment, no system is perfect, the comments (great discussion).

  5. Julie Dirksen - “Three Reasons Instructional Designers Need To Know About Tin Can” - A unique post that will really get you thinking about how to put the user at the center. The catchy stuff: Let’s build a playground instead of a box. WCIDWT (What Can I Do With That).

  6. David Kelly & Kevin Thorn - “Should Instructional Designers Care About The Tin Can API?” - The title says it all, but really, why should you care about an API when you don’t have coding skills as a designer? The catchy stuff: The hybrid ID/Dev. Instructional, strategic, & technical design gaps.

  7. Audrey Watters - “Learning Experiences: The Tin Can API” - This post outlines some underlying philosophical considerations about the nature of learning and how we describe it. The catchy stuff: A programmatic language for learning, the importance of educational APIs.

  8. Megan Bowe - “Four Ways Tin Can Will Change The Landscape Of Learning Technology” - Really good description of the 4 layers of the “Tin Can Onion” originally posted by Rustici Software. The catchy stuff: Modernization of SCORM, LMS liberation, real world performance.

  9. Russell Duhon - “Making Statements: Tin Can API Best Practices”. Ok a shameless plug here, but Russell’s technical prowess and programming elegance is unmatched! He is the lead maker of Wax LRS at Saltbox and describes best practices in this blog post. The catchy stuff: Russell is the 3rd leading contributor on the Experience API specification on GitHub and an information visualization expert. Drop him a line, he’s up to talk Tin Can anytime.

Cartoon: Float Mobile Learning - “A Closer Look: The Tin Can API In The Real World” - An extremely unique and fun way to explore what the Experience API looks like in the real world! The catchy stuff: Bob at Megacorp.

Did we miss any great Experience API reads? Please post them in the comments below!