Innovation Roller Coaster

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Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

Although you’re not on a roller coaster, I felt like I was on one my first day of being introduced to the world of eLearning. Tin Cans, Wax, Record Stores, Saltbox… A cornucopia of seemingly unrelated words to the untrained ear.

This confusion and Cyclone feeling is more due to the fact that I don’t have a strong technical background. I am a student at the University of Washington studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing. In fact, I’ve been a Co-Founder of an apparel startup, hardly relatable to Experience API. Nonetheless, fate has stepped in and I am your guide on this roller coaster.

Why does all this matter? Because I am like you. I am keen on innovation and realize the value of staying ahead of the curve. That’s what makes all the perplexity of the Experience API so phenomenal. The most important lesson I can share with you from my upper level entrepreneurship course is that learning is the most important aspect of business, period. Entrepreneurship is all about trying, failing, learning, and retrying until successful. Therefore, learning is crucial to business victory.

That’s what makes Saltbox so valuable. It’s a tool that also helps you analyze learning data related to content and organizational performance.

I love being part of the next big thing, and I am thrilled to be working as Saltbox’s Marketing Intern.

There you have it, an entrepreneur giving her fresh outlook on the eLearning world. It may be a roller coaster, but I am here to make it slightly easier for you.

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