Credential Tagging and New Admin Tools in Wax LRS

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After talking with a lot of people about what they need in Wax LRS, we’ve added several new administrator tools. We’re especially excited about credential tagging, a really nifty way to manage multiple credentials.

Tagging Credentials

When you’ve created a bunch of API credentials, it becomes hard to track which credentials belong to which applications.

Wax LRS now provides admins the ability to tag credentials with anything you want. This makes it easy to keep credentials organized. Soon, you’ll be able to tag credentials with things like “permission:subaccounts” to give them special capabilities!


Deactivating Credentials

It’s possible that credentials are accidentally exposed or that an application provider connected to your LRS is compromised. For your security, we’ve made it possible to quickly deactivate a set of credentials so that data can not be written or received to/from the LRS. Credentials can be deactivated individually so that other applications are not affected.


Add Multiple LRS Administrators

Most often, organizations have multiple people that need access to the Learning Record Store. Wax LRS now let’s admins create additional admins so anybody can get access to the LRS and reports as needed. Admins can also be deactivated at any time.


Update your Email Address

Small win, but you no longer have to contact us to change your email address. Thank you for being patient while we released this feature (you know who you are).

These updates are available now to all customers on the Wax LRS settings page (found by clicking the gear in the top right corner of your Wax LRS site).

We’re always looking to find ways to make Wax LRS easier to use and more valuable for you, so please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. You can contact us via email, suggest new ideas on our support portal, or simply leave a comment below!