Experience API Debugging in Wax LRS

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As one of the first Learning Record Stores (LRS) available, Wax LRS has evolved over time based on actual usage and feedback from hundreds of people. Developers, training providers, and companies use Wax LRS to test their Experience API (xAPI) learning platforms, authoring tools, content, and enterprise integrations.

Strict xAPI standard compliance and interoperability is important for our customers as well as the Experience API ecosystem. This is why Wax LRS maintains the strongest validation and returns very detailed error messages, but developers and tinkerers need even greater visibility and improved xAPI development tools. Wax LRS now has a debugging page to help accelerate xAPI testing and development.


The new Wax LRS debug page comes with a number of developer friendly features:

Statements on the debugging page are presented in the order in which they were stored, not experienced like other pages in the LRS. This makes it easy to quickly browse the most recent data in Wax.


State, Agent, and Activity Profile API data is now visible and can be clicked into for more detail. This is especially useful for developing and troubleshooting arbitrary non-statement data sent to the LRS.


  • All errors and messages are displayed in near real-time on the debugging page for the last 24 hours so you can more easily browse the errors as you develop with the Experience API.


The new debugging page is currently available to all new and existing Wax LRS customers on a monthly plan. We look forward to hearing your feedback, so please drop us a line or comment below.