Connecting Enterprise Systems to Wax LRS

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Our customers often say that they want an easy way to connect their existing enterprise systems to Wax Learning Record Store (LRS). To accomplish this, we’ve had to either build custom connectors or assist internal development teams with their own Experience API integrations.

It’s important that Experience API adoption is as smooth as possible for Learning & Development leaders. We’re excited that Wax LRS is the first to make tracking and connecting what people learn & do, and how they perform from multiple systems a lot easier!

Enter Zapier + Wax LRS!


Zapier is an online tool that helps people connect and automate over 250 different web applications (and growing weekly). With Zapier, you can easily automate tasks by creating “Zaps”, which are basically recipes for moving data from one API to another. Just tell Zapier “When X happens, do Y” and it’ll make it happen.


For example, at Saltbox we have over 10 Zaps that help us automate appointment setting between our Google calendar and Go To Meeting, or move contacts from our email marketing tool to our CRM. We can ping a special channel in our team chat app when there’s a new support ticket and even trigger new tickets from Basecamp tasks.

The Wax LRS Zapier service currently works with, Go To Meeting, Yammer, Wufoo Forms, Twitter, Trello and we’re adding more. See our basic demo or contact us for a beta invite to test the Wax LRS Zapier Service.

Do you use Zapier in Learning & Development today? What Zaps would be useful to you? Share your feedback and comments below.