Embedding Wax LRS Reports

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If you’ve seen Wax LRS aggregate learning data, you know what a powerful tool it is for L&D. But how do you communicate its results to your organization’s stakeholders? More to the point, how will you demonstrate your data’s value to company leadership if they have no direct experience with Wax LRS themselves?


Wax LRS’s new report embedding capability may be your answer. Clicking the “Embed me!” button next to any Wax report enables you to insert it directly into another platform and have it update automatically in real time, on that platform (so people don’t have to log in to Wax LRS to get the insights they need). Whether you’re demonstrating that a training technique is working, or building a case for a new learning initiative, report embedding makes presenting your evidence easier than ever.


Wax LRS report embedding is flexible enough to work on many different systems like SharePoint, Drupal, Moodle, WordPress, an LMS, a custom-built website, or a company reporting dashboard. So instead of requiring managers to log in to yet another system, you can deliver the needed information to the platforms they already use.

How does this work? Wax report embedding uses the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard for secure embedding and JavaScript for publicly-accessible reports, similar to how a Youtube video embed works. The easiest way to add a report is with the Javascript embed code snippet. Simply copy and paste it into your platform’s HTML code wherever you want the report to show up.

If you prefer to use secured LTI embedding, you will have to make sure that your system has LTI consumer capability. For some systems, like Moodle, this functionality is built in by adding a new external activity resource. For others, like WordPress, we’ve developed an LTI plugin to simplify the process. Many LMSs support LTI, but if you have any doubts, ask your IT/development team or your system vendor (or contact us).

Here’s an example of what a Results Summary report looks like when embedded in Moodle:


L&D can add value to any organization by sharing its data openly and efficiently. If you’re ready to let your organization’s leadership know how ready your workforce really is, Wax LRS can arm you with evidence, and report embedding can help you broadcast it to the right audience.

Report embedding is available today for all Wax LRS customers on a monthly plan. Have a question about how it works? Drop us a line or leave a comment below.