Introducing Competency Reporting in Wax LRS: Answer the Big Questions

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“Is the workforce ready?” Every executive asks it, and L&D is best prepared to answer. Wax LRS gives L&D the ability to see learning wherever it happens, and with Wax LRS’s new Competency Management & Reporting capability, learning leaders will have the tools to answer big questions, on demand, and in real time.


No single activity or learning experience proves competence. Defining a competency requires somebody in the organization to thoughtfully map activities, training, and performance to a higher level accomplishment. In most organizations, this work is already done.

Competence in sales, for instance, should mean more than sitting through a single presentation on selling techniques. Competence reveals itself in a tapestry of activities and performance evidence, such as participating in role-play training, observations of closing techniques, performance reviews, and raw sales numbers. Demonstrating evidence of competence requires capturing a broad pattern of learning experiences and results.

Rather than being stuck with rigid definitions of competencies, Wax LRS empowers you to build your own in ways that make sense for your organization. You will decide which activities, behaviors, and results should be associated with a competency, and how important each criterion is to meeting the competency requirements.


Maybe you want progress on a competency tied to key achievements on a points-based system. Or maybe some activities are required of a competency while others are flexible. The key here is that you are in control of determining which experiences are most important to L&D and its stakeholders.


All of this gets you part of the way towards answering the big questions, but to get the most out of competencies reporting, we’ve incorporated the ability to filter by groups comprised of multiple HR attributes. Sometimes you may want to track competencies across an entire organization, but often, especially for larger businesses, what you really need is the ability to segment your workforce so you can get reporting aligned with your HR organizational chart.


Perhaps you want to know “which individuals are competent in leadership skills among sales teams in the Seattle region?” or “which members of the IT department reporting to Manager X are competent in data security basics, in Spain?” If the thought of answering these kinds of questions excites you, there’s good reason. In the right hands, they can lead to actionable plans and real business results.

Once you’ve integrated your HRIS with Wax LRS via the Wax LRS HR Attributes APIs (spreadsheet upload coming soon), you can build and save queries as groups by almost any cross-section of HR attributes directly in Wax LRS. These groups can be a combination of any number of HR attributes that you might require, such as department, unit, teams, roles, regions, titles, and supervisors.


By running competency reports on defined groups, you can quickly see who is and isn’t meeting the requirements of any competency (including a summary of the number of people who have and haven’t met the requirements). Wax will even show you how far along each person is and detail their progress on a competency.


You will now be able to ask Wax your burning questions about workforce readiness and get answers instantaneously. This level of flexible, on-demand competency reporting, inclusive of all learning and performance data has never been this easy. With the xAPI, you know that you will be capturing the entire range of your employees’ learning experiences, not just those confined to any single learning platform (like an LMS). As a learning leader, what you can do with this powerful tool is up to your imagination, but here are a couple of examples just to get you started:

  • Track progress among those who haven’t met all the requirements for a competency, and share it with the right leaders who can intervene and take appropriate action.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate employees who have developed needed skills to be successful. Use this information as additional evidence when making decisions on internal hires and promotions.
  • Feed these insights into other systems such as your Performance Management tool for more objective reviews or an existing reporting portal for stakeholders and internal customers for more comprehensive and transparent employee readiness reporting.

“Is the workforce ready?” With competency management & reporting on Wax LRS, it’s a question L&D can now answer for the organization.

Do you want to create and display competencies in other systems and not just the Wax LRS UI? Are you a developer and need to define and report on competencies via API? Imagine the possibilities for feeding these insights into other enterprise systems. We support that with our amazing Competency APIs.

Competencies reporting is available today for all Wax LRS customers on a monthly Pro Plan. To learn more or hear about Wax LRS competency management and reporting can benefit you, contact us or leave a comment below. We’d love hear from you.