Introducing Wax LRS for Learning Platform Providers: A White-Labeled LRS and Reporting Engine

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You offer your customers a tried and true learning platform like an LMS, corporate university, customer training portal, or training delivery system. Your platform does a number of things really well, but Learning & Development (L&D) organizations are beginning to look for solutions that incorporate learning beyond the traditional boundaries of your platform. Customers are asking if you support the Experience API (xAPI) or if you offer a Learning Record Store (LRS). You’ve probably even started exploring your options to integrate the xAPI and and LRS, but not sure how to proceed. What you really need is a way to support your customer needs and differentiate your platform in a sea of others.

That’s why we’re offering a new and unique solution, specifically tailored for you. Announcing Wax LRS for Learning Platform Providers.


The Experience API gives L&D the chance to capture learning and performance wherever it happens, whether it’s online, offline, through an LMS, over social networks, and more. An LRS is a critical component that makes this possible because it can track learning from a variety of sources beyond the LMS, but it’s not sufficient by itself.

So, what are your options?

You could build your own custom LRS from scratch, spending months researching, developing, and implementing the required capabilities (while making sure it conforms to the xAPI specification). Or pick up an open source or licensed solution, then implement and provision it yourself. Either way, you will be responsible for maintaining, updating, and supporting the xAPI specification and core LRS capabilities in perpetuity. It’s all very hard to do, not to mention that you haven’t even started to build the reporting infrastructure needed to support your customers in making sense of all this data.

But why divert your focus from your product’s core features and value proposition when you could simply integrate a cloud LRS behind the scenes? Why not leverage the power of a proven white-labeled LRS and reporting engine, already in production use by dozens of organizations?

If this resonates with you, Wax LRS by Saltbox, is your solution: a highly scalable, tested, and robust LRS that integrates seamlessly with your LMS, portal, or corporate university. Wax LRS is way more than a feature checkbox. Wax LRS has an extensive library of API documentation and LRS developer resources to help your team hit the ground running. Wax offers a best-in-class reporting engine giving your clients the analytical power they need. Saltbox’s responsive and high-touch support can accelerate your development and get you up and running in 3 months or less.

For you, the best part is that Wax LRS can run entirely behind the scenes. Package, brand, price, and offer your own LRS and reporting solution however you want. Meanwhile, you can leave maintaining everything under the hood to us: As the xAPI specification changes, Saltbox will stay on top of it and keep Wax working for you. As we build new reporting and analytics capabilities, your platform can leverage them with a few new API calls.

Supporting the xAPI through Wax LRS can instantly set your learning platform apart from your competition. Wax LRS for learning platform providers offers solid APIs & documentation, near real-time reporting, amazing expert support, and transparent pricing, all coupled with the freedom to define your own business model.

If you want to be your customers’ go-to platform of tomorrow, get the details about Wax LRS for platform providers and let’s setup a time to talk.