Setting Up and Managing Multiple LRS Accounts

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Using a single LRS account for development, production, or multiple customers can be quite complicated and lead to unintended consequences. Your data is not properly separated, reporting is not accurate, and you probably don’t want development and production data mixed together in the same LRS.

Wax LRS sub-accounts make it possible for you to manage multiple LRS sites under the hood of a single billed parent LRS account. You can logically separate your LRS data for development, QA, production, or per customer, and each sub-account inherits all the features and capabilities of the parent account. It’s as easy as picking a name and clicking a button.


Large Organizations Need LRS Sub-accounts

In larger organizations where there are multiple developers or teams working on integrating new activities and learning systems with Wax LRS, it’s critical for them to develop and debug xAPI integrations independently and synchronously. A sub-account can be created in Wax and assigned to a team or developer with separate credentials, as needed. Administrator access to production LRS sites can be clearly delineated, so there’s less room for error. There’s no need to manage separate LRS sites, each with their own billing and plans. Sub-accounts are not billed, they inherit the capabilities of their parent account, and their usage rolls up to the parent account.

Learning Platform Providers Need LRS Sub-accounts

Learning Platform Providers who are integrating with Wax LRS behind the scenes need their own internal LRS sites for development and QA, plus those for each customer. They can integrate an LRS with their platform using the Wax LRS Account Management APIs, so LRS sites can be programmatically setup on a per-customer basis. This makes it so customer data is logically separated, for improved privacy and security. All Wax APIs are public and well documented, with code examples in almost any programming language:


How It Works

You can create and manage Wax LRS sub-accounts in 2 ways; via the sub-accounts section in your Wax LRS settings page or programmatically via the Account Management APIs. In Wax LRS, creating a sub-account is as easy as selecting a new site name and clicking a button on the setting page sub-account tab. Your LRS sub-account is instantly setup and you are automatically assigned as the first administrator with the same login and password as the parent account. Click on a sub-account and it’ll take you directly to that site, where you can invite other administrators and collaborators.

Sub-accounts and the Account Management APIs are available to all customers on the Value Plan or higher. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more or give it a try for yourself!