Helping Awesome People Do Amazing Things With the xAPI

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A majority of our customers using Wax LRS are learning leaders at businesses who are building innovative workplace learning solutions. Their needs vary from learning & performance analysis, data aggregation, designing learning experiences outside the LMS, and much more. This is very important to us because it aligns with our enterprise L&D background and technical expertise. Most importantly, their hard work leads to improved business outcomes powered by our platform. We’re making people better at what they do.


But we also understand that our product and technology is only a small part of what’s becoming possible, and we’re constantly inspired (and humbled) by people who are leveraging Wax LRS to do amazing things we couldn’t dream of.

It’s so rewarding to see how we are contributing to high-impact outcomes, derived from thoughtfully designed learning solutions, by adventurous and creative learning leaders. Here are a few actual examples of what we’re talking about:

  • Supporting prospective educators as they acquire high-impact teaching practices through virtual observation, coaching, and analysis, which improves experiential classroom performance. We’re helping people become better teachers.
  • Assisting students become better doctors, using competency-based education and resulting learning data to identify patterns in medical students’ careers and intervene as early as possible. We’re helping improve patient safety.
  • Introducing government treasury executives to best practices, new technologies, and leadership competencies. We’re helping people become better and more responsible leaders.
  • Maintaining architects’ licensure through standardized accreditation and continuing education focused on new trends, risk management, ethics, and safety. We’re helping people build work and living spaces that are more sustainable and healthy.
  • Guiding citizens toward evidence-based, behaviorally focused, and culturally appropriate online nutrition education and obesity prevention interventions. We’re helping people establish healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle.

This makes us proud and excited for the future of the L&D, and how they are extracting real value from our platform, at scale in the real world. But we need more inspiration! Do you have a project in mind? Are you exploring how the Experience API can help you solve a big problem? We want to hear from you.