Sharing Statements Between Learning Record Stores

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The Experience API specification makes a lot of things possible that were really hard before. You’ve probably read about numerous use cases, customer success stories, new products, and improvements to existing learning systems and applications. But until now, you probably haven’t heard of one of the most promising affordances of the Experience API; the open exchange of learning data and system interoperability.

Wax LRS by Saltbox has partnered with the teams from Watershed LRS (Rustici Software) and Learning Locker (HT2) to demonstrate how Experience API data (statements) can be shared between Learning Record Stores.


Why is this important?

If you’ve been through an LMS migration you’ve already felt the pain. Data migrations are costly, complex, and take a lot of time. That’s because before the Experience API, LMSs and other learning systems didn’t have a standardized way to communicate and share information. Every system had it’s own way of storing learning data, SCORM made it necessary to tightly couple content to a monolithic system with no clear path for sharing information between systems, organizations, and other content.

We’re ready to show what’s possible today, and how multiple Learning Record Stores can play well with each other using the Experience API.

So how does this all work?

You can read about the project in more detail in this whitepaper co-authored by the project collaborators and we’ve produced a screencast demonstrating the final system in action. But if you want to learn more with the opportunity to ask questions, attend our upcoming webinar where we’ll discuss all the benefits, what we did, how it worked out, and future considerations.

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