Components of the Learning Model Canvas: Delivery

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Over the last couple of weeks, I went over the aspects of learning design as it related to the overall learning model. But even a perfectly designed learning experience won’t have the intended impact unless it can be conveyed in a way that is suitable to the audience, your customer. In this blog we’ll be looking at the Delivery element of the LMC.


Components of the Learning Model Canvas: Design Part 2

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In last week’s Saltbox Savvy, I started to introduce the Design section of the Learning Model Canvas with an overview of different types of learning. Today, we’ll conclude that overview by finding out how the production of learning experiences can affect the overall learning model.

As I mentioned, time is a critical factor when it comes to types of learning, and it’s equally important in learning production. All training takes some time to design, develop, and implement, but some approaches to training take longer than others. Though the impulse is to develop every learning experience carefully and completely, in a crisis, providing the workforce with content late would be just as bad as never. Meanwhile, in situations with few time constraints, it would be a waste if L&D didn’t use as much time as necessary to develop, test, and iterate whenever possible.

Components of the Learning Model Canvas: Design

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To this point in Saltbox Savvy, we’ve been going over high-level items of the LMC that have broad effects on the direction of your learning model. But understandably, many L&D professionals find the most interesting aspects of the LMC to be the detailed, practical element of the process. This week, we’ll look into Design.


LearnUpon LMS Supports xAPI Tracking to Wax LRS

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If you’re curious about the how a Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS) connect together, you’re not alone. There just aren’t enough examples out there, yet. We get this question a lot at Saltbox, since we offer a stand-alone LRS (Wax LRS), and we’re excited to see innovative LMS vendors like LearnUpon give their customers the freedom to choose an external xAPI reporting platform.


Components of the Learning Model Canvas: Customer Relationships

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Over the last couple of Saltbox Savvy posts, we’ve used the Learning Model Canvas to answer who L&D’s customers are, and what they want. In this week’s blog, we start looking into how L&D works with its customers. Depending on the circumstances and learning objectives, L&D and its customers may interact in different capacities. These interactions are the focus of the Customer Relationship section of the LMC.


Components of the Learning Model Canvas: Business Outcomes

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Last week’s Saltbox Savvy covered the Customer Segments section of the Learning Model Canvas (LMC). Once you know who L&D’s customer is, you need to know not only what they want, but what success looks like. This is the focus of the Business Outcome portion of the LMC.

When it comes to Business Outcomes, it’s important to understand that different stakeholders have different definitions of success. The comprehensive metrics L&D might consider include efficiency (the ability to deliver required learning in a timely and cost effective manner), effectiveness (the quality of the learning and behavior change), and business results.


Sharing Statements Between Learning Record Stores

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The Experience API specification makes a lot of things possible that were really hard before. You’ve probably read about numerous use cases, customer success stories, new products, and improvements to existing learning systems and applications. But until now, you probably haven’t heard of one of the most promising affordances of the Experience API; the open exchange of learning data and system interoperability.

Wax LRS by Saltbox has partnered with the teams from Watershed LRS (Rustici Software) and Learning Locker (HT2) to demonstrate how Experience API data (statements) can be shared between Learning Record Stores.


Helping Awesome People Do Amazing Things With the xAPI

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A majority of our customers using Wax LRS are learning leaders at businesses who are building innovative workplace learning solutions. Their needs vary from learning & performance analysis, data aggregation, designing learning experiences outside the LMS, and much more. This is very important to us because it aligns with our enterprise L&D background and technical expertise. Most importantly, their hard work leads to improved business outcomes powered by our platform. We’re making people better at what they do.


But we also understand that our product and technology is only a small part of what’s becoming possible, and we’re constantly inspired (and humbled) by people who are leveraging Wax LRS to do amazing things we couldn’t dream of.